Are you so full of ideas and goals and dreams that you're not sure where to begin to make them happen?

Do you find yourself going around in circles, stopping and starting and never seeming to make the sort of progress you desire?

Would you like to work with someone who will shine a light on the opportunities before you and pave the way for you to create the success that you desire? To make it easy for you to move step by step in the direction of your dreams?

Are you ready to stop, take stock and create a plan so that you can finally Make "it" Happen?

Your VIP Coaching Day is all about YOU. It's about getting accelerated and tangible results. You can choose one or a combination of these focus areas:

  • Your Business

    This session gives you access to my Build Your Business, Sister! Toolkit, a unique bundle of secret-weapon strategies, cheat sheets, inspiraton and actions for growth. Together, we’ll identify your business goals and the specific action steps that you’ll take to get there. Every light bulb moment will lead you to faster, easier problem solving, more satisfying customer connections, and rapid growth both in and outside the office.

  • Your Life

    We work together to move your dreams from imagination to reality—no matter what you may be dreaming about. We get you clear about what you want. We create a pathway to get there. And while we’re about it, we build your confidence, your beliefs and your courage to dizzying heights. Next, we create a detailed road map that will bring your dream life into existence. A step-by-step guide of actions to take plus a mindset makeover to propel you forwards.

  • Creating an On-line Course

    Have an idea for a course that you would like to map out and build? I've got you covered. My background in instructional design means that I've got the toolkit you need to research / design and sell your program using the latest in learning principles. My qualifications in adult education and my experience in building and facilitating programs all over the world means we can hit the ground running on our day together.

  • “I’d like to thank the amazing Lara Young – I was lucky enough to grab one of her sessions and it was incredible. In one hour she helped me to completely revamp my business direction, create new services and move my mindset from stuck & overwhelmed to overflowing with ideas and a list of specific action steps. If you are looking for a supportive but no-nonsense coach who gets you moving forward in your business, hire her immediately”.
    Hannah O’Brien, Champagne Start Up

During your 1:1 VIP Day you will:

  • Get complete clarity about what you want to achieve in your life and/or business
  • Create a targeted 90 day action plan to make "it" happen
  • Envision your future: what will you see, hear and feel when your goals are a reality
  • Uncover and eliminate the internal saboteurs and beliefs that are holding you back from the life you crave
  • Pave the way to get RESULTS
  • “With one phone call Lara managed to shift my entire paradigm. She was the swift kick in the pants that I desperately needed to get things moving to create my dream business! She confirmed and nurtured my ideas and passions, while also giving me some wonderful advice, resources and great “homework” to delve into! The future is looking much brighter and it only took one call! I look forward to working with Lara on a regular basis”
    Christal Vivian-Brown

Your VIP Day Includes


1:1 laser focused coaching on your business / life / building a course

Mindset mastery actions to increase your confidence, resilience and drive

A detailed strategy and action plan with key tasks and milestones for you to action

A success map for the next 90 days based on our discussions

1 x 60 minute preparation call + 2 x 60 minute follow-up calls via Skype or Zoom

Lunch, refreshments and station pick-up {a gift for virtual VIP day participants}

Overnight accommodation is also available for a supplement

Your Host

Business and Life Coach / Retreat Host / Trainer and Master of NLP

I'm Lara Young and I'm an Achievement Coach and Business Strategist for women who want to Make it Happen in life and business.

For 20+ years I’ve been coaching, developing business strategy, creating and facilitating live workshops, retreats and online courses. I’ve built three businesses from the ground up, been part of a BBC radio show, run a 5-star guesthouse in the English countryside and travelled the world.

As a coach and trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming, I’ve cheered as I’ve watched my clients manifest their desires, like building profitable businesses, marrying their soul mates and creating a dog-eared passport, but I’ve also witnessed extraordinary women give up just before it got good.

Please keep going! I am here to help you to make all those dreams a reality. Whether it's in life, in business (or both).

We will work together to pave the way for you to know what you want and then to develop the courage and confidence to make it happen.


Ready to book your VIP Day? Click the button below and you'll be taken to my email to select your desired date. You'll also book in a time for our initial 1:1 chat so that we can get to know each-other and I can prepare for our day together.

The Location

You can choose two options for your VIP 1:1 Coaching Day.

  1. In person at Vale House Belvoir, NG32 1PA. Just 1 hour and 10 minutes from London Kings Cross (to Grantham) and easily accessed from any location in the UK. East Midlands Airport is 40 minutes away.
  2. Via Skype or Zoom. We can divide your session into 2 x half days or one session of 6 hours - whatever works best for you.

With large gardens, a sunny terrace and a light and airy lounge, Vale House provides the ideal venue for our session (hint: it's also my retreat venue!)

If you're travelling by train to Grantham, station transfers are included. And access couldn't be easier by road. We're right next to Belvoir Castle - just follow the tourist information signs!

Of course, all refreshments, morning and afternoon tea and lunch are included. (If you opt for a 'virtual' day - you'll receive a special gift in place of these).

Have questions? Book a call with me and we can chat about how a 1:1 VIP Coaching Day will work for you.