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Your goals are bigger than ever. You’ve got (or want to start) your own business—and you've got BIG potential. There’s just one little problem: You don’t know what to do next.
You’re desperate for daily structure, thoughtful colleagues and a long-term plan—the kind you had in corporate, just tailored to your business.
You know you can make it happen, you just need help to get your plans, structure and your mindset in place. And you need help from someone who has been there and 'got the t-shirt' to do it.
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You’re a master at soothing and nurturing others—the go-to woman to bolster your children, siblings, and friends as they chase their dreams.
You pride yourself on making others happy. You've been putting others first so often that you've forgotten what it feels like to be YOU. What YOUR dreams and desires are.
You've been dimming your light so others can shine.
Now you’re hungry to live your life brilliantly, to radiate peace, joy and inner purpose.
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 Hi! I'm Lara.

I’m a life and business architect for women just like you.
My super power is creating systems, processes and mindset shifts so that you can define what you want and go out and get it.
During my 20+ years of experience as a business consultant, master and trainer of NLP, retreat facilitator and life + business transition coach, I’ve helped more than 2000 people transform their lives.
As a busy mother of 2 young daughters and owner of 3 successful businesses, I know what it's like to juggle priorities and to create the time to make your own dreams come true.
I can assure you that whatever you dream for yourself, it is entirely possible.
I know this, because I've done it myself.
I’m here to share with you my no-fail systems, strategies and support so that you can rise up, step out, and design the life and business you deserve.
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A positive mindset isn't enough. You need Grit. You need Mental Toughness. You need Resilience. You need Purpose.

You need to Build Your Backbone, Sister!


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To make 'it' happen, you know you need more clarity, more confidence and a whole lot of courage.

You need access to the most up to date resources in life and business design.

You need to develop the mindset for success using the tools you know will work for you time after time.

You need the systems and processes in place to enable you to take the actions that will move you from where you are to where, in your heart of hearts, you want to be.

You'll find all this and more in Build Your Backbone, Sister! The Bootcamp

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